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Welcome to the website of the campsite

Tussen Hemel en Aarde.

The campsite is open from March 1 to November 1 and dog-free.

It is located in the greenery of Noorderpark and is within biking distance of Utrecht. The park offers opportunities for hiking, biking, sports, boating and swimming. The whole is located in a meadow and nature reserve. Maps and information about the area are available.

At the campground, there is a distinction between the Quiet Area and the Family Area. The Quiet Area is spacious and has room for small tents, caravans and campers. Every camping spot has a view of Noorderpark. By the water, there is room for 6 small tents (up to 1.30 meters in height) and up to 3 nights. There is room for 7 caravans or small campers on the middle pitches (up to 5 meters) and 4 small caravans by the water (up to 4 meters). At the path there is room for 5 campers (up to 9 meters). For an overview of the pitches, see photo gallery

On the Family Field there is room for 1 camper (up to 9 meters) and 2 caravans (up to 5 meters) or 2 large tents. Here there is also a covered area with tables and chairs (tent kitchen).
The children can have fun with a balance beam, a rope across the water, surfboards, a trampoline and an overgrown bunker they can get on and in.

Other ways to spend the night can be found on the Family Field in the Pipowagen (2 beds), the Hemelhuisje (3 beds), the new Rainbow House (3 beds) or the Droomhuisje (4 beds) and in the Tiny House (4 beds) on the Quiet Area.

For more information see 'types of overnight stays'

It is a small and simple campground. There is no wifi available on the entire site. The sanitary facilities consist of: 2 flush toilets, 3 urinals, 2 hot showers, shower and toilet for the disabled, 1 washroom with cold water and dishwashing area. The Family Field is car-free. There is limited parking. The camper and caravan sites in the Quiet Area are equipped with a 4 amp electrical connection.

rope over ditch


Sleeping in the heights, does that sound like you? Then enjoy an overnight stay in the cozy Hemelhuisje.


A quiet spot with a generous view. You will find that at the Droomhuisje.


Simple and intimate overnight stay in a cheerful Pipowagen.

Tiny House

Durable and cozy where inside and outside merge.